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Advanced Technology Solutions Co is a top-notch company that offers digital solutions for different businesses, like fast-food places and shopping centers. They provide things like Digital Menu Boards, Indoor Digital Signs, Video Walls, and see-through OLED digital signs. These tools help businesses showcase information and promotions in a modern and eye-catching way.

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digital menu board

We offer all-encompassing Digital Menu Board solutions designed to present menus digitally through specialized Content Management Software (CMS). Our solution includes key features such as innovative content placement, seamless integration of real-time data, data-driven content management software, personalized merchandising content, and the ability to schedule media promotions and offers.

Key Features :

  • Innovative Content Arrangement
  • Seamless Integration of Real-Time Data
  • Data-Driven Content Management Software
  • Tailored Merchandising Content for Personalization
  • Efficient Scheduling of Media Promotions and Offers
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signage | indoor led display | outdoor signage boards | digital signboard | digital menuboard | outdoor digital signage
We provide comprehensive end-to-end indoor and outdoor solutions. Our solution is designed to display eye-catching visuals that attract customers.

Key Features :

  • High-Definition Display
  • Resilience to Temperature Extremes
  • Minimal Reflection for Optimal Visibility
  • Boost in Sales Performance
  • Augmented Purchases and Upselling Opportunities
  • Data-Driven Content Management Software
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Our comprehensive video wall solutions are crafted to effortlessly broadcast breathtaking visuals on expansive screens.

Key Features :

  • Unparalleled Display Excellence
  • Effortless Panel Fusion
  • Aggregated Resolution
  • Panoramic Precision and Elaboration
  • Instantaneous Data Embedding
  • Content Management Software Driven by Real-Time Data
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transparent signage | OLED signage
Its high transparency surpasses traditional LCD displays by up to 38%, creating a sleeker and more see-through design compared to the 10% transparency of LCDs. This technology enables simultaneous display of content and background, making it ideal for captivating showroom presentations. OLED Signage introduces innovative visual communication possibilities, surpassing the capabilities of conventional digital signage, offering:

Key Features :

  • Exceptional Transparency
  • Sleek and Thin Design
  • Dual-Display Functionality
  • Tailored for Showroom Excellence
  • Vibrant and Engaging Visuals
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CMS, or content management software designed for digital signage, seamlessly integrates with numerous screens, interfaces with external databases, and provides accessibility from both mobile devices and laptops.

With an intuitive and user-friendly design, its menus and layout facilitate efficient content creation, scheduling, and distribution. Users can effortlessly establish brightness and volume schedules. Additionally, the multi-channel scheduling feature enables convenient plan switching and allows for the advance storage of content.

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